How does Pristine Water compare to bottled water?

It's better quality at a lower cost than pre-packaged bottle water. We use the same reverse osmosis technology that other major bottling plants use to filter water, in addition to UV light, micron filtration, ozone, carbon, daily monitoring and many more steps that ensure the purest and best tasting water for your family. Also, keep in mind that there are several steps required before bottled water makes it to your home (labeling, shipping, shelving, etc), however, Pristine Water freshness starts on the day you fill it.

I thought my city's tap water was safe to drink?

It is a known fact that many municipal water distribution channels across American cities are in desperate need of replacement from old age and wear. Water contamination can occur at almost any point in the delivery channel including lead leaching from corroded pipe solder, bacteria entering the system from water main breaks, or natural gas drilling leaks into wells or aquifers.

What is Oxygen-Charged Sports water?

This is concentrated ozonated water, which when ingested provides a remarkable boost to total system oxygenation. The high level of oxygen in the body aids in natural and rapid detoxification. Other reported benefits include increased energy and a boosted immune system. The effects of O3 has been a hot topic in recent medical literature with new studies on the horizon.

How does Pristine compare to my In-Home Filtration?

While an In-Home Filtration system is convenient, certain systems could waste a lot of water, and most small systems draw less impurity and do not have UV light and Ozone for disinfection. Moreover, we are regulated by the state of Texas to have a bacteriological analysis conducted a minimum of once every 90 calendar days to ensure safety for your family.

How does Pristine Express compare to other kiosks?

Pristine uses a much larger filtration system that includes a 13 stage purification process which results in more consistency in taste, purity, quality, and disinfection. Most competitors do not provide 24 hrs ozonation, and service their machines only monthly, compared to the daily maintenance we provide to our machine.